Retrieving magnets

Retrieving magnets

Retrieving lost ferromagnetic objects like keys, screws, nuts, and many more, from wells, holes, lakes, and other deepwater bodies can be a long shot.

However, retrieving magnets makes it pretty easy, regardless of the depth. It's as simple as attaching a line to a magnet and letting it down into the water body or hole.


What are retrieving magnets?

These are magnets used to pick lost stuff from water bodies or inaccessible holes. These magnets are an irreplaceable aid for construction workers, treasure hunters, and many more. In most cases, they come with a strong rope and an eyelet. In addition, the weight each retrieving magnet can support differs.

The ability of magnets to support different objects is dependent on the strength of the magnet. Also, to achieve maximum force, the magnet has to be perpendicularly oriented towards the object to be retrieved. In the case of the material, the more ferrous it is, the easier it will be for the magnet to pick it up.

Retrieving magnets can also be used for mounting or holding objects in position, as a result of the eyelet attached to them.


What are the types of retrieving magnets?

Retrieving magnets are of different types.

The characteristic in view determines the divisions.

In terms of strength, there are retrieving magnets having up to 400 kg adhesive force. There are others that are even higher.

That's not all:

Retrieving magnets can also be subdivided based on the type of magnet that's used. Some retrieving magnets are made of neodymium, others of ferrite, samarium cobalt, alnico, and many more. The strongest ones are made of neodymium and they offer the highest power per weight ratio.

Finally, the location of the eyelet (for attaching the rope) on the magnet, can be used to subdivide retrieving magnets. Some are double-sided while others are single-sided. And others have eyelets at the top or on the side of the magnet.


How can I know the best retrieving magnets?

There are specific features you should look out for when trying to choose retrieving magnets.

First of all, if you're looking for a very strong one, ensure it's made from neodymium. It's very strong and can support the greatest weight.

Secondly, the coating really matters. Magnets are susceptible to corrosion. To prevent this, magnets are coated with nickel-copper-nickel or stainless steel. Hence, check the technical specifications to make sure it's coated with any of these.

Finally, the pull strength and magnetic strength is important. If you'll be working with large objects, it's best to go for those with a pull strength of at least 500 pounds and magnetic power of at least N42.


Where can I get quality retrieving magnets?

You can get any type of retrieving magnets from Dailymag.

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