Magnets with handles

Magnets with handles

Sometimes, you might want to pick up light stuff like nuts, screws, pins and the likes. Or heavy kinds of stuff like door beams, etc.

In these cases, brute strength would not do it. Instead, you might end up with an injury or two. Or even waste precious time.

You may even want to mount heavy objects, and would need a very strong magnet to do so.

This is where magnets with handles, come in handy.


What are magnets with handles?

Also known as handle magnets, these magnets are specially designed with a handle, for lifting, retrieving, and holding ferromagnetic objects. The handles are mostly made of super-strong steel, that does not break or bend when carrying heavy objects. In most cases, the handles are painted red or covered with rubber.

The weight they are able to support depends on the size of the magnet and the material it’s composed of. Those made of neodymium, are always stronger (being the strongest permanent magnet). They are able to carry objects that are several times their weight, with ease.


What are handle magnets used for?

  • To remove iron nails, screws from tanks
  • It can be used to lift heavy metal objects such as sheets, metal doors, beams, and the likes
  • To hold metal objects in position, when cutting, welding, etc.
  • For mounting signs of buildings
  • To quickly clear large areas of ferromagnetic objects such as nails, pins, etc.
  • Fabricators use them to remove foreign object debris (FOD) during the machining of metals
  • Technicians use handle magnets to detect metal fragments that can damage machinery if they are not discovered.
  • They can be used as handles, for metal doors, cupboards, fridges, and many more.


Where can I get magnets with handles?

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