Magnetic Glove Dispenser

Magnetic Glove Dispenser

Magnetic Glove Dispensers

Instead of rummaging around your workshop, clinic, or truck for your handy pair of gloves, attach a magnetic glove dispenser in a convenient location for easy access.

Magnetic glove dispensers provide an organized and clutter-free solution for storing gloves, wipes, or tissues in medical, industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

They can be mounted to any ferrous surface thanks to powerful permanent magnets that securely keep it in place.


How do magnetic glove dispensers work?

Magnetic glove dispensers are usually made of durable stainless steel or acrylic that can withstand exposure to oil, automotive fluids, paint, chemicals, and solvents.

Magnetic glove dispensers generally come in standard box sizes for disposable gloves and tissues. Other magnetic glove dispensers have self-adjusting springs that can accommodate different box sizes.

Generally, two to four heavy-duty permanent magnets are used to conveniently attach the dispenser on metal surfaces.

Some magnetic glove dispensers come with additional screw slots for easy attachment to walls.


How are magnetic glove dispensers?

Magnetic glove dispensers hold disposable glove boxes for easy access on metal and ferrous surfaces.

Most glove dispensers can hold as much as 50 to 100 disposable gloves. Instead of gloves, you can also store tissues, paper towels, face masks, and wipes.

Magnetic glove dispensers will be most useful for workplaces such as construction sites and in toolboxes, workshops, and medical settings.

They can also be useful at home when mounted in your kitchen, car/truck, bathroom, garage, and home offices.


Magnetic Glove Dispenser Benefits

Magnetic glove dispensers are the perfect solution to keeping your workspace and home clean and organized.

Retailers can find a substantial market for magnetic glove dispensers because of their wide applications in almost any setting:

  • Keeps gloves, tissues, and face masks organized and within easy reach
  • Securely attaches to metal surfaces, but is easily adjustable
  • Usually made with durable metal/acrylic build
  • May come with screw holes to mount on any wall

Apart from its functions in the industrial, commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, and residential settings, magnetic glove dispensers provide convenient access to necessary sanitary supplies (face masks and wipes) during the coronavirus pandemic.


Best Magnetic Glove Dispenser Manufacturer in China

Magnetic glove dispensers will be a great addition to business owners’ product listings because of their high demand in various industries.

If you’re looking for the best place to find permanent magnets for magnetic glove dispensers, approach wholesale manufacturers and distributors in China.

China is the go-to supplier of high-quality and affordable magnet products.

Dailymag is one of the best companies to work with when it comes to permanent magnet designs and customizations for magnetic glove dispensers.

The company competitively manufactures:

  • NdFeb magnets
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Ferrite magnets
  • Alnico magnets
  • SmCo magnets


To ensure clients of high-quality manufacturing processes, Dailymag gives factory tours and free samples upon request. Quality control certificates and policies are also available for review on the Dailymag website.

You can also get a chance to work with the expert design and sales team at Dailymag. 24/7 customer support is available to give consultations and quotations for your specific needs.

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