5 Benefits of Using Magnetic Clamps for Welding

5 Benefits of Using Magnetic Clamps for Welding

5 Benefits of Using Magnetic Clamps for Welding

Welding is not an easy job. You have to weld iron together, be on your feet on some days, sweat it out, and things like that.

Some other times you would need extra hands and workspace for convenience and to do better jobs, but they won't be available. However, just like most things and occupations, welding has evolved over the years as well as tools that are available for welding.

A solution like magnetic clamps has made welding easier and better for professionals. So, why should you use magnetic clamps as a welder?

Or what are they? Let's find out in this article!


How Do Magnetic Clamps Work?

Magnetic clamps are items that welders can use to hold different metals together firmly while welders weld them. They stick to different metals at different angles ranging from 45, 90, or 135.

Also, they contain strong magnets like neodymium, alnico, and samarium cobalt. They are capable of holding metals in place for accurate welding.

More so, they are safer and more efficient than using hands.

To use them, you lay out the materials you want to weld together, then hold them with magnetic clamps at both edges you want to weld, and start welding.



Benefits of Using Magnetic Clamps for Welding

So, why should welders use magnetic clamps instead of their hands? They should use magnetic clamps because of their advantages which includes:


  1.  Boost productivity

Working with magnetic clamps makes you work faster than you would if you used your hands. You don't have to stop at intervals to hold the metal in place.

With magnetic clamps, they just stay in place while you do your work. You can finish up quickly with one and move on to another and get things done quickly.

They are way better than screw-in clamps.


  1.  It's easier to ground the base

Using magnetic clamps to work with metals where only the bases are exposed makes the work easier. So, you can use magnetic clamps to hold the two bases together and you'll get finer and more efficient welding results.


  1.  A better use for working with metal sheets

It's better to use magnetic clamps when welding sheets of metals. You don't need to do many fixtures, and you can easily weld them together.

Also, it saves the cost of hiring or using an extra hand to hold the metals together.


  1.  Better for pipes and irregular sheets

When working with irregular pieces like pipes that you can hardly hold together in place with hands, you're better off using magnetic clamps. They will hold the irregular pieces in place while you weld the places you need to.

The result will be smooth and perfect compared to using your hands.


  1.  It's safer

Using magnetic clamps to hold metals together is safer than using hands. They protect your hands from the welding flame.



Magnetic clamps make welding easy in different ways, and it makes work more productive and efficient. Magnet manufacturers make them from different types of strong magnets so they can do heavy duties like welding.

In this article, we discussed what magnetic clamps are, how they work, their uses, and the benefits of using them for welding.

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