Magnetic Tool Strips

Magnetic Tool Strips

Magnetic Tool Strips; A Must-have Organisation Tool For You

Are you one of those people who get frustrated from not finding what they are looking for? Sometimes, it's easier to locate things when you organize them perfectly in specific places.

And one way to organize your things is by using organization tools like magnetic tool strips. So, what are they, why do you need them, and what can you use them for?

In this article, you will get to know what magnetic tool strips are and why you need them if you enjoy organizing your things. So let's get into it right away!


What Are Magnetic Tool Strips?

Magnetic tool strips are magnetic organizers that help hold metallic tools and other metallic items in place so you can easily access and store them. Also, they serve as storage and organizing tools.

So, you can keep your workshop tools, craft tools, kitchen utensils, or any other thing you want to find easily on them. They are effective and powerful as magnets manufacturers make them from strong neodymium magnets.

Therefore, they can hold small objects like knives, scissors, and heavy things like hammers to the wall without falling or ruining it. Also, they are a better option than creating holes in the wall resulting in wall defacing.

Instead, they only require you to install them at ends using screws so you can easily move them around. That also means that you don't necessarily have to install them on metallic surfaces before they stay, as you can easily install them with screws.

In case you want to hang items that cannot stick to magnets, you can clip them with binder clips and stick them to the magnetic strip.

So, where can you use magnetic tool strips?


Uses of Magnetic Tool Strips

Magnetic tool strips can function in different places, including in your home, workshop, office, garage, and more. So, what can you use them for?


  1.  Bathroom Uses

You can use magnetic tool strips in your bathroom to hold various items. First, you have to install the magnetic strips inside the cabinet door or any other location of your choice.

You can keep your beauty accessories on the strips. Then, if an item doesn't stick, you can glue a magnet to it and watch it stay till whenever.


  1.  Kitchen Uses

Another place you can install magnetic strips is in your kitchen. You can use it to hold different utensils on the wall, in the cabinet, fridge, and other places.

Also, you can customize it to fit in your kitchen layout or design.


  1.  Garage Uses

You can also use magnetic strips in your garage to hold screws, nails, and other items you don't want to lose again.


  1.  Workshop or craft room uses

You can install magnetic tool strips in your workshop or craft room to organize tools and craft items. It helps you stay organized.



Magnetic tool strips are one tool you should probably have in your home, office, workshop, or other places that matter. With them, you can keep things in locations you can easily find them.

Also, they prevent you from having messy tools and items all over the place. This article discussed what magnetic tool strips are and what you can use them for.

If you like being organized, then you should get them.

Summary: Need to stay organized? Then, magnetic tool strips are a must-have for you. Find out what they do in this article.

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