Magnetic Clips

Magnetic Clips

5 Benefits of Using Magnetic Clips for Marketing


Sometimes businesses wonder what to do as a marketing strategy, especially when it comes to marketing items. Some businesses go with branded stickers, clothes, books, and more.

There is totally nothing bad in extending your marketing activities to branded items. In fact, it helps keep you in your customers' minds when they see or use those items.

One of the things you could consider using for marketing is magnetic clips. They will be useful in many ways in your customers' homes, offices, and spaces.

So, why should you use magnetic clips as a marketing means? Let's find out in this article.


What Are Magnetic Clips?

Magnetic clips are like other clips that you have probably seen, but with magnets in them. They are majorly used to hold things in place.

Magnetic clips can either be from neodymium or ferrite magnets, but that shouldn't really matter since they have the same function. However, neodymium magnets are stronger than ferrite magnets.

Also, they have a bigger force than ferrite magnets and are more expensive. What matters most is you can brand them and use them as marketing items for your brand.

What can your audience possibly use them for?


Uses of Magnetic Clips

Of course, you would be using magnetic clips as marketing items, but they ought to be useful to your customers for them to be effective. So, what can they use them for?

They can use them to:

  1. Hold their mail.
  2. Clip important documents together.
  3. Hold a list to the fridge.
  4. Clip a sign to a magnetic surface.
  5. Keep track of business cards.
  6. To hold together and clip small necessary accessories.
  7. Clip stuff to the fridge or cabinet for easy view and access.
  8. Clip cords or cables together inside a cabinet for use.
  9. And so much more.

Generally, they should be able to use them to hold things together on a magnetic surface. So, yeah, they are pretty useful.

So, how does using magnetic clips as marketing items benefit you as a business?


Benefits of Magnetic Clips for Marketing

The following are some of the benefits of magnetic clips for marketing:

  •  It is affordable

Magnetic clips are an affordable means to advertise a business whether on a small or large scale purpose. You only need to get the magnetic clips and brand them. You don't have to spend much on distribution because you can give them to retailers, wholesalers who distribute them to final consumers of your product.

Also, you can give them to final consumers directly.


  •  It keeps your brand in your customers' minds

Most times, people clip things they want to see every day in visible places in the home and office. So, every time your customers see the items they hung, they will remember your brand, and you will remain fresh in their memory.


  •  Advertising space

Although they are very different from regular advertising places like billboards and newspapers, they still serve as advertising spaces. Your customers see them every day and their guests see them when they visit their homes and offices.


  •  Highly valuable and useable

Magnetic clips are useful and valuable for your customers because they are useful accessories in the home and office. Also, it's a good long-term investment that will yield results over time and make your customers think of you whenever they need your service.


  •  Helps build brand perception

When your customers use the items, they will know you care about them to gift them something as thoughtful as magnetic clips.



Magnetic clips are useful marketing items. Your customers can benefit from their uses in many ways and it helps build a better brand perception in their minds.

This can benefit your business in many ways short-term and long-term.

Summary: Are you thinking of what item to use for marketing? Then magnetic clips might just be the right item. Find out their benefits.

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