Magnetic Can Opener

Magnetic Can Opener

Opening a can may be such a hassle, especially with the risks involved. Trust me when I say that I've gotten a cut or two, from the jagged edges of steel cans, which cut so deeply. And if you’re just like me that hates blood, it could send shivers down your spine.

In other cases, I struggle a lot to get a hold of the cut-out lid, when the juice from its contents has spilt on it. It’s so damn hard.

Hence, it’s important to have a safer approach to opening cans: one that does not include the potential sight of blood, a deep cut, or elongated time, when trying to get access to a can of baked beans, corned beef, and the likes.

One of such safer approaches is the use of magnetic can openers.

As it’s often said, necessity begets invention. And, likely, the search for an approach that does not involve blood spilling or much effort necessitated the invention of the magnetic can opener.



What is the magnetic can opener?

These are can openers, that has a magnet attached to them, primarily for hygienic purposes: to lift the lid off, after cutting the can open.

There are electric, manual, and battery-operated magnetic can openers. However, they all operate on similar principles. Also, some are standalone while others can be mounted in your kitchen (or wherever you wish).


What are the parts of magnetic can openers?

Magnetic can openers, just like any machine, are an assemblage of different parts. They include:

  • Base or Handle.
  • Crank.
  • Circular Knife or Blade.
  • Knife Holder.
  • Gear or Feed Gear.
  • Motor.
  • Lid Magnet.

They jointly contribute to making the opening of cans, a very easy endeavour.


How do magnetic can openers work?

First of all, you’ll need to place the cutting edge of the can opener, on the can you wish to open. After you’ve done that, press the two handles together which will cause the cutting edge to go through the can.

The next step is to engage the traction gears. As they rotate, the cutting edge moves around the perimeter of the can’s lid, until it’s finely cut. If it’s an electric or battery operated can opener, this step will proceed automatically. However, if it’s manually operated, you’ll have to engage the gears, by rotating the lever attached to it.

After it’s done cutting, the magnet that has been holding onto the can should be used to lift the cut-out lid. One has to take extreme caution because the edges of the lid are very sharp.


Where can I get quality magnetic lid openers?

The answer is simple: Dailymag.

We have been in the business of manufacturing and supplying quality magnetic can openers, for years now. And there has not been any complaints, regarding the quality of our products.

You should send a message to our customer service desk, or sales rep, to start your buying process.

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