Motor magnets

Motor magnets

Motor magnets are one of the greatest innovations.

Many devices have been developed since the idea of an intersection between magnetism and electricity was discovered by Faraday in 1830.  It's hard to go a full day, without coming across a device with a motor magnet embedded within it.

The application of motor magnets cuts across industrial and domestic devices.

What are motor magnets?

Motor magnets are an assembly of magnets and windings.  The magnets used in a motor is dependent on the application (which I'll delve into later on).

The magnet in motors, do a lot of work such as:

  • Produces a stable magnetic field, which is highly needed for the motor to work optimally
  • Magnet motors cause no damage to the environment unlike diesel, fuel, coal, and other energy sources characterized by carbon emissions.

How do motor magnets work?

Motor magnets work on a basic operating principle.

It's common knowledge that like poles attract whereas opposite poles repel each other. The combination of these two forces, attraction and repulsion, produces rotational motion that is fundamental to the proper functioning of motors.

What are the types of motor magnets?

Motors use different types of magnets. The magnet that's used in each case, depends on the area of application for the motor.

They include:

  • Alnico magnets

Alnico magnets were one of the first to be used in motors. They are the second strongest permanent magnet, surpassed only by neodymium magnets. Hence, they are effective. Their stability in high temperatures (up to 1000F) makes them well fitted for high-temperature applications. However, they are relatively more expensive.

  • Ferrite magnets

These magnets rank higher in terms of coercivity and magnetism. They are resistant to corrosion and cost less to produce. Hence, they are best to reduce cost, and for high temperatures (but not proper for low temperatures).

  • Samarium cobalt magnets

Although they may not be as powerful as other magnets, they have a wider temperature range and high resistance to corrosion. However, they are quite costly. Hence, they are used mainly in areas where cost is not a deciding factor such as in aerospace, military, and manufacturing machinery.

  • Neodymium magnets

This is the strongest permanent magnet. They are used in many modern types of machinery such as electric cars, earpieces, etc. As a result of their high magnetic power to weight ratio, many small devices use neodymium magnets.

What are the applications of motor magnets?

If you take a walk in your home or around your neighbourhood, you would see many applications of motor magnets. Examples include:

  • Blenders
  • Speakers
  • Electric razors
  • Dvd players
  • Windshield wipers
  • Meters
  • Generators
  • Concrete mixers
  • Grinders

And many more.

Where can you get quality motor magnets?

Getting motor magnets may not be hard. However, the issue arises when you decide to go for the quality.

So where can you get quality motor magnets?

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