Magnetic Name Tags

Magnetic Name Tags

Magnetic Name Tags

Have you ever been in an emergency to wear a suit and use a name tag on it? Perhaps you might just get an appointment in a Bank that you would have to wear a suit always, then be asked to wear a name tag. The name tag has a small pin that pokes directly through the suit and aside from leaving a small hole in your newly purchased suit, you may also run the risk of going too far with the pin. But fortunately, the magnetic name tags go a long way in protecting the suit, and other clothing material by holding name badges securely in place.

One of the distinctive features of the magnetic name tag is that it utilises 2 small neodymium magnets to attract through items of clothing to hold the name tag in place at offices, exhibitions, meetings and probably events. This will avoid the damage of making holes in suits with pins.

Our magnetic name badges are constructed using two high-performance neodymium magnets and offer ultimate attraction through almost all types of clothing. Each magnet is supplied with a super-strong adhesive backing meaning you can create and customise your very own badge shapes and sizes to attach directly to the magnetic badge. Magnetic name tags are the easiest way to keep your name tags in place. It's no doubt that this particular name tag is the best option for every name tag.


Magnetic Name Tags - How Do They Work?

The name tags are always supplied with two metal plates. However, one of these metal plates has two high-performance neodymium magnets attached to it, while the other has a strong self-adhesive foam pad. The magnetic name tags are perfect for attaching names to a badge design.

In its simplest form, it can be used by placing the name tag plate outside of the clothing, and the plate with the two neodymium magnets under the top or inside of the suit. The two plates will attract each other and transform into a superb magnetic name tag.


Why Magnetic Name Tags, And Not Pin?

The magnetic name tags use a neodymium magnet, which is undoubtedly one of the sturdiest magnets in the universe, such that it can hold five pieces of your clothing. However, there are varieties of magnetic name tags which include;

°  Classic Name Tags

°  Logo Name Tags

°  Custom Shape Tags

°. Event Name Tags

°  Name Tag Blanks



In light of the above, it is no doubt that there is no better option than using stress-free magnetic tags in holding your name badges around your clothing. These tags are, of course, one of the strongest magnets that will stay attached to the clothing for an unlimited moment.

Summary: What should you learn about magnetic name tags? What are the various types of magnetic name tags and which is perfect? Learn how magnetic name tags work and what you can use them for

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