Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sweepers (or magnetic brooms) are used to collect ferromagnetic materials. The stronger the magnet used for magnetic sweepers, the more materials it can attract and hold.

They can improve workplace safety and prevent damage to equipment. It’s used to efficiently collect iron and steel on surfaces that are difficult to sift through, like sand and gravel.

Magnetic sweepers are also used widely in industrial applications and workshops, camping grounds, factories, and outdoor events to scavenge various metal debris.


How do magnetic sweepers work?

Magnetic sweepers have a powerful permanent magnet that attracts ferromagnetic material. Ferromagnetic material contains:

  • Iron
  • Cobalt
  • Nickel
  • Gadolinium

Larger magnets in magnetic sweepers don’t necessarily make it stronger. Instead, the permanent magnet in magnetic sweepers has a powerful pull force that attracts the materials then holds them in place.


How are magnetic sweepers used?

Magnetic sweepers are generally used for industrial safety and the protection of equipment.

They are reliable equipment used to quickly and efficiently clean surfaces where hazardous metal objects could otherwise be difficult to find.

Magnetic sweepers can be used in industrial settings like workshops and factories.

However, it can also be used for commercial and residential purposes to sweep driveways, event locations, and other public spaces. This can effectively keep vehicle tires and foot traffic safe after clean-up.

If applications are not particularly industry-specific, magnetic power will not matter too much. However, if applications require a large carrying capacity, industrial magnetic sweepers may be necessary. For commercial and industrial applications, a carrying capacity of at least 10 pounds is necessary.

For residential applications, smaller handheld magnetic sweepers with a one-pound carrying capacity are enough.


Different types of magnetic sweepers

Industrial magnetic sweeper

Magnetic sweepers used in industrial settings are heavy-duty equipment that’s usually controlled by a load-release lever. They are attached to forklifts or vehicle bumpers to easily sweep through surfaces for metal objects.

These will have large loading capacities of 50 pounds or more.


Handheld magnetic sweepers

Smaller handheld magnetic sweepers are ideal for use at home along the driveway, garden, or garage.

Wheels are attached to allow easy maneuvering across different surfaces, including concrete, hardwood floors, carpet, gravel, and grass.

Handheld magnetic sweepers work like a mop or broom. But they’re much heavier so fixed-length handles are more difficult to use. Some models have adjustable handles to improve easier reach.

Most magnetic sweepers will have a convenient handheld design that easily removes metal particles for disposal.

However, some manual push-type magnetic sweepers don’t automatically retract magnetic force. These will require manual removal of the metal objects.


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