Magnetic Key Holders

Magnetic Key Holders

Magnetic Key Holders

Magnetic key holders are designed to store your keys conveniently.

There are different designs of magnetic key holders, but most will have powerful magnets that are enclosed in a plastic, metal, or rubber case to prevent scratching of surfaces.

Most magnetic key holders are made with permanent magnets. Depending on the design of the magnetic key holder, the hidden magnet can either be a single long strip or there can be multiple hidden magnetic discs or hooks.

A magnetic key holder’s main purpose is to eliminate clutter around the house, in your workstation, and even in your vehicle. With a magnetic key holder, easily spot your keys and eliminate the risk of losing them!


What are Magnetic Key Holders made of?

Magnetic key holders come in many different designs and materials.

The most basic magnetic key holders feature a plastic or metal casing that’s waterproof and durable.

Some magnetic key holders have a wooden body.

The classic design of a magnetic tray looks similar to a key rack with multiple hooks.

There are also many functional magnetic rack designs that incorporate extra space to store your mail, phone, and other essentials.

Some magnetic key holders are designed like mini cabinets.

Magnetic key holders typically use NdFeb or neodymium permanent magnets. Neodymium is known to be the strongest magnet per unit volume, so that’s saying a lot about the reliability of magnetic key holders that contain neodymium.

Neodymium pot magnets have a steel core to amplify adhesive force. Magnetic key holders can also use neodymium pot magnets to further strengthen magnetic key holders.

Depending on the design of the magnetic key holder, the NdFeb magnet can be shaped like a hook, disks, rectangles, or long strips.


What are Magnetic Key Magnets used for?

Magnetic key holders are typically used in place of key racks and keychains. They’re best placed near entryways –– the perfect spot to store and quickly grab your keys.

A strong magnet holds the keys in place so that you only need to pull it off. It’s the best accessory to support an on-the-go lifestyle.


Best Magnetic Key Holder Manufacturer in China

Dailymag is the company to trust if you’re looking for a reliable magnets manufacturer in China. Dailymag has been in the magnets business for over 15 years, supplying retailers and businesses worldwide with top-notch permanent magnets.

The best part about working with Dailymag is you can work with a team of professional designers to make a custom magnet for your magnetic key holders. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about quality because the company offers free consultations and free samples.

By working closely with the Dailymag design and sales team, you can be guaranteed to get a high-performing NdFeb magnet that suits your needs.

If you don’t know where to begin, simply contact a Dailymag sales representative through email or phone support for 24/7 quotation and customer service.

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