Dailymag specializes in the fabrication of Cast AlNiCo Magnets and Permanent Magnets.


Permanent Magnets / Cast AlNiCo magnet

Cast AlNiCo Magnet
Cast AlNiCo Magnet

Material : Aluminium Nickel Cobalt

Application of AlNiCo Magnet
ABS braking system magnets
ABS braking system magnets
Reed switch operating magnets
Electricity meter damping magnets
Holding/clamping applications
Microwave applications
Weighing scale damping magnets
Electropermanent systems
Calibration magnets
Heat treatment jigs and fixtures

Generail Information
Using patterns and simple moulding techniques, Cast AlNICo Magnet can be cast to form a vast range of complex shapes and sizes at an economical cost. Eclipse Magnetics Alnico magnets are ideal for high temperature applications up to 550ºC

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