Dailymag specializes in the fabrication of NdFeB Magnets and Permanent Magnets.

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We are a Professional Magnet Manufacturer from China

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DAILYMAG MAGNETICS is a world-leading supplier of OEM and ODM industrial magnets, magnetic hardware and tools, and magnet-enhanced linear actuators. With no MOQ, an experienced R&D team, complete product lines, and unequalled responsiveness, DAILYMAG is now the top-volume Chinese source of magnetic tools, with permanent magnets on their way to that status as well.

Of more than 150 thousands Alibaba China Gold suppliers, Our CEO Charles was the sole owner asked to personally witness the IPO at the NYSE.

Why Choose Us?

  • High-level Machining Ability
  • 100's of Thousands of Sizes Available
  • Stable Quality
  • Reasonable Price
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Free Samples Available
  • Responsive - On-line 24 Hours
  • NO MOQ

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// Quality Permanent Magnets

What ARE Sintered NdFeB MagnetS?

Sintered NdFeB Magnets are one of the highest performing rare earth permanent magnets. They utilize neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe), and boron (B) as primary ingredients and are susceptible to demagnetization when exposed to elevated temperatures. Neodymium magnets are a state-of-the-art magnetic material developed with excellent magnetic characteristics: extremely strong relative to size, metallic in appearance and found in simple shapes such as rings, blocks and discs. Many grades can withstand high temperatures, but several factors dictate Neodymium magnet performance. NdFeB Magnets are used in sensors, motors, filter automobiles, magnetic holders, loudspeakers, wind generators, medical equipment, etc.
NdFeB Magnets have the following characteristics:
Super strong Br Resident induction.
Excellent demagnetization resistance capability.
Good Price relative to its high magnetic properties.
Coating is needed for Neodymium Magnet
Surface Treatment Method: Zn, NiCuNi, Ni, Ni + Ni, Gold, Silver, Epoxy, Ni + Epoxy, Teflon
Temporary Surface: Passivation

Quality Assurance -> Quality is the first important!


We are a Professional Magnet Manufacturer from China

Quality Assurance

We hold raw material suppliers and working partners to high expectations. Our service includes us going on-site to providers to conduct inspections throughout their manufacturing processes, while still requiring full QC rigor from them internally.

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